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Friday, February 21

Maui, day 13

A perfect day begins with retrieving a smiling Jackson, freshly awake, ready for play.  I was able to get in a tad of writing before seeing his happy face at 6, then brought him up to our apt since Pattie was up early today.

Joe and Cristin were off for a morning dive (the dive we did last Tuesday, but they had much better luck finding hammerheads and dolphins!), during which Pattie, Jackson, and I ran some errands—sending home 25 lbs of excess!—then went to the aquarium for a bit.  We met up there with Joe and Cristin at 2 and, at 2:40 Joe, Cristin, and I checked in for our dive into their tank.  A unique dive, for sure.

The pre-dive briefing was particularly interesting, as it included much of the history of the aquarium, its mission, and its inception in the l...

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