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Friday, January 31

Hilo, day 6

A day of resting recovery and writing.  And also…planning for some future dives—Monday here in Hilo, a few others in Maui with Joe/Cristin; getting some gear; catching up on correspondence…

Eventually headed out for a stroll along Kamehameha Dr. along the water.  Shops, galleries, etc., but a completely different vibe than Kona’s waterfront.  Very low-key, unpolished, but a few of the shops having just gorgeous fabrics and wood (Koa) pieces.  We stopped into Tina’s Garden Gourmet Café and, my, so very delicious.

The writing is going well, as in I like the sounds coming out.  I am afraid I’m pushing this group’s limits, but I’m hoping the difficulty is being a bit alleviated by using some repetitive patterns to build the more complex textures...

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