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Wednesday, March 18

Oahu, day 4

Awoke in Waikiki for a morning dive.  The first of two dives was a great distraction from everything going on.  Wed descended to an area with two wrecks (Yo 257 and the San Pedro ) just a few hundred yards apart, and no sooner did we get to the deck of the wreck than we saw turtles lounging on the deck, and three spotted sting rays gently swimming by.  We swam through this wreck a bit, though at this depth (about 90’), we really could only stay there about 30’. [Some very pretty views of turtles, sting rays, and a school of barracuda…alas, condensation on the inside of filter (easily fixed, but i just didn’t notice) made gopro shots useless.]

As we were the only divers on this trip, and we were on enriched air (36%), we had a pretty brief surface interval (30’) and ...

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