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Sunday, March 8

Kauai/Princeville, day 8

Daylight Savings Time!  Last observed in Hawaii in 1945, so no effect here.  Except that we’re now 6 hrs behind folks on the east coast, rather than 5.

Yet another rainy/lazy day, and that’s just fine with us.  I’ve begun working on the setting(s) of Jim Brasfield’s Celan, to be a part of a larger set which will include Palladium, the poem of his I set a few years ago now.  Celan is quite brief, and enormously evocative for/to me.  I am planning to include several different settings of this poem within the set—1st, 3rd, 5th/last, with Palladium and Renaissance 2nd and 4th.   My initial concept is to use Celan to set the scene for the larger poem to follow, as it seems to do a fabulous job of articulating the nature of expectation.  So Celan’s sever...

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