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Wednesday, February 12

Maui, day 4

Molokini Crater, inside and backwall side

An early morning for us, as we needed to be in Lahaina by 6:45 to check in for our dive.  The drive was a bit quicker than we thought, and the shop opens promptly at 6:45, so we were about 10 minutes earlier than necessary.  (we’ll know better for Friday and Sunday dives with this company.)

The first impressions are important ones with these dive shops/charters, as you spend a day with the crew and the other divers, and you depend on them for safety.  First impressions were very good, indeed; fellow divers quiet, easy, mellow, yet upbeat.  Crew very professional, and not at all overly rah-rah.

The ride out to the site was really quite beautiful...

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