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Saturday, April 4

Kona, day 14

A moment from last night’s sunset in Kailua-Kona

A good, unusually long night’s sleep. So long since I’ve slept past 4am, and so very grateful for a full 8 hours.

We spoke yesterday of getting to the harbor to swim/snorkel, and hopefully we’ll do so.

Finally feeling convinced about one of the settings of Jim Brasfield’s Celan, from Jim’s “Infinite Altars

the whisper:

gradual breath

a word, bud
of stem form--

never before
this one,

the return of
the recognizable.   

Will send it off to Sharon, for whom i’ve written it, to see how she feels about it, but probably not before getting to another of that poem’s settings. Feeling as though the larger set will start with this newly written Celan, then

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