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Saturday, January 18

Saturday, January 18

Oahu -> Kona (Big Island of Hawaii)

An early morning, but out on time easily.  Passing surf spots pre-daybreak, but plenty of surfers parked and waxing up their boards for a day of waves.  The drive easy, and we got the car returned, bags checked (still under 50 lbs each, even with some food we didn’t want to leave behind), and at gate with lots of time for coffee.

The easy 35’ flight got us to Kona’s airport before 10:15am, and we were surprised and delighted to see an airport without an ‘indoor’ area.  Lots of coverage for the sun, but one definitely feels “outside” the whole time.  Very pleasant. 

Kona airport

Bags in hand, easy rental car experience (Alamo), and off to the Kona Brewing Company for lunch...

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