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Tuesday, March 10

Kauai, day 10

Still getting work done this day, but more and more distracted by headlines both financial- and public-health-related.  Emails and news pieces coming in every few hours from companies outlining their approaches to cleaning (Avis, Budget, Delta…) and expecting a note about rescheduling without penalties to come in any day now.  Undoubtedly our currently planned three week trip to Ireland (abbreviated from 3 months) will soon be rendered impossible.

The past few days also noting that things back home are also clearly effected by this pandemic.  I don’t believe there are cases in eastern NC just yet, but ECU is clearly on the brink of following the lead of many other schools in eliminating face-to-face events...

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Friday, January 17

Oahu, final day

Another day that brought unexpected broadening of perspectives our way.  We’d planned a tour of a local citrus farm—Lokoea Farms—and had a relaxing and tasty day, enjoying more after the tour with some new friends.

The tour itself was led by Noe, who runs this spread next to her father’s farm.  After time in the states teaching, then running a pet store, she took advantage of the opportunity to take over this land, build a house, and be back home on this land.

Not unlike the previous night’s time exploring a tidal pool with a marine biologist, this time spent with a small-scale farmer who’s constantly trying to find new and/or more efficient ways to get things growing most productively, trying new crops to test viability, etc...

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