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Wednesday, April 15

Kona, day 25

Surprisingly, N95 masks arrived in the mail from an order I thought I’d cancelled.  Straight from China (only 2 weeks after originally ordering!).  Took those masks out for a test run for the few things we need to get through the remaining few days (Peet’s Coffee!), and a few little trinkets. 

3am wakeups are the norm now, followed by a 30’ nap at 7.  That’s been the routine for about 4 days now, and I wonder if that’ll continue when we finally get back to Gvl.  Would prefer not.

A nice treat arrived in email, as a couple in the Detroit area sent a home recording of On Balance.  That was written for a festival in Amherst, MA in 2013, to be played by a duo of pre-professional violinists...

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