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Sunday, March 1

Kauai, day 1

Rain today, off and on all day, made for a lazy start to our stay here.  Lots of good writing time, I’m glad to say, which brought this choral piece even closer to a conclusion.  Now at a point of beginning-to-end completeness, just tweaking.  95% done, adjusting and readjusting some tempi, cutting a few things to tighten up pacing, and working on the biggest picture and the rhythmic/dramatic motion of the whole.

Midafternoon—didn’t get motivated to leave the writing desk until nearly 3pm—we took advantage of a lull in the weather to take a drive to a few recommended spots nearby.  We drove to Queen’s Bath, along the way discovering just how upscale this area is.  Resorts, enormous homes (though very cookie-cutter), golf courses, etc., make for a lovely drive...

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