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Saturday, February 1

Saturday, February 1

Hilo, day 7

Not much sleeping last night.  Yesterday’s rain seems to have kept things nice and comfortable here, and the night was certainly pleasant.  The sleep I had was good, there just wasn’t much of it.  Up since 2:30, finally out of bed at 4 wide awake, ready for coffee, and eager to write.

Finishing up the “It burned” line, and creating a morph into “Let them say we warmed ourselves by it,” the turn into the poem’s last lines.  This won’t be my end of writing the piece, but it will be the piece’s end.  I’m hearing it well and want to get it done, then will get back to the middle section.

After writing, Pattie wanted to get some gifts at the big Saturday farmer’s market; I got a head-shave; we splurged on massages...

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Wednesday, January 29

Hilo, day 4

A great day of diving.  Back to the same spot—Leleiwi—and the conditions even better than the prior day.  According to Bill, these the best conditions in months.

The first dive navigation, the second dive identifying fish.  Clear water, likely ~60’ visibility, so many beautiful colors and fish varieties, a few turtles gliding around.  And our skills were perceptibly improved over the first day; the effect on fatigue and air consumption obvious, and a real sense that we’re improving our skill set.

Am absolutely bringing the GoPro tomorrow, and hope its use will be ok, as is it’s anything like today, it’s got to be shared.

After our class, we saw that the farmer’s market next door was enormous compared to other days...

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