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Thursday, February 27

Molokai, day 5

Our final dives in Molokai today and, like the others here, easy and pleasant.  The same boat, crew and even a repeat of sites we’d visited earlier this week.  Small craft advisories and heavy winds had me a bit nervous about the boat ride to the dive site, but along the south shore things were quite calm.

Again, turtles galore around here, especially near their ‘cleaning station,’ but also a spotted ray, a little eel hiding in the coral, and a conch (not a conch, but a member of that family) shell re-inhabited by a sea slug.

look at the center of the frame for the little eel hiding in the coral
a sea slug moves in…
Following a spotted ray
Turtles stopping by for a cleaning

The winning experience of the day, certainly the week, and perhaps the mo...

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