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Wednesday, March 11

Kauai/Koloa, day 11

Unsurprisingly, another wonderful dive day with Fathom Five down in Koloa.  As the world’s anxiety-producing news swirls around us, and it is absolutely getting more alarming every day, we headed out for a morning shore dive at Koloa Landing.  A small group of four of us enjoyed this fabulous site, a horseshoe shaped reef; the left side on the first dive, the right side on the second dive.

The dive was an easy, shallow one, with lots of good viewing—particularly a pufferfish, a boxfish, a barracuda hanging above a bait ball, trumpetfish, and an extremely friend wrasse that followed us through most of our dive, coming very close and seemingly wanting to be pet!

Pufferfish cruising
bait ball…
…with a barracuda hanging around in the distanc...
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