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Saturday, January 4

San Diego, Day 9

After a quiet morning of the usual, plus Pattie’s starting to look and plan ahead for a dive trip she’s wanted to make for a while—this for next December already!—we left at noon to head up to the Birch Aquarium in La Jolla. 

It’s not an enormous aquarium, but its highlights are super; namely seadragons, which are new to me.  Sea horses, more familiar, were also great to see, but the sea dragons, as you can see, are otherworldly.

A leafy sea dragon
…and in motion
sea dragons being sea dragons

Their central tank had a nice variety of animals, from California Morays to a 300-lb 30-year old sea bass, leopard sharks, and more.  We enjoyed seeing the divers enter, clean, feed, etc., while hearing a talk about the impressive and enormous sea kelp. 

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