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Saturday, February 8

Hilo to Maui

Easy travels today. The sights from the plane’s window showed Mauna Kea snow-covered peaks, and the lava flow trails.

Mauna Kea peak from plane
lava tracks on Mauna Kea

Arrival at our place in Maui by 10, sure was great to see Jackson with his ma & pa.

Jackson in his element with dad
and it didn’t take long for Jackson to get some Pattie love.

Joe, and Cristin did a dive while we babysat for about 2’ hours.  Their shore dive was in Wailea, which is home to a ton of elite class resorts, it seems.  So Pattie and I went to a shopping area to stroll Jackson around a bit after we dropped Joe/Cristin off.

In the evening we went out for shaved ice, right at a popular gathering spot–especially so at sunset.

sunset in N Kihei, Maui

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