Monday, June 27, 2022

We’ve enjoyed a few days at the beach in Surf CIty, and it’s been a welcome change of pace. I’ve loved it here since we were fortunate enough to get this place in ~2006, and it remains a place of retreat and refuge.

Through a renovation in ’17 which was wiped out by hurricane Florence in ’18, the 2-year rebuild then wiped out by Isaias in ’20, finally getting back in here this past winter, this place was really inaccessible for nearly 3 1/2 years. But when we are here, however briefly (this time for 3 days), we just settle in and relax. The space inside is limited but perfectly arranged by Pattie; the space outside is beyond expansive with its ocean view.

Every visit also involves some sort of home repair, of course. The amazing thing, though, is that each such project reveals the minimal level of quality of work done in its initial construction. This particular visit has revealed plumbing issues, and it seems clear that it’s not only beyond my abilities (copper piping soldering and parts fabrication), but has been causing a problem whose symptoms have been misdiagnosed as hurricane damage for years. Alas, it’s still great to be here.

This week will bring in the start of July, the summer more than half gone.

Two more dive trips, which we’re really looking forward to. July 2-9 in Curacao, and August 9-16 in Bonaire. This week a day of learning a bit more about underwater navigation via a class at the quarry near us, as well. Together with my rescue diver course last May, and the diving we’ve done last August (Bonaire), and December, March, and May trips to Cocoview (Roatan, Honduras), we’ve been both enjoying the variety of places, experiences, and people we encounter, and gaining a great deal of confidence in our diving abilities. At well more than 100 dives (120 or so), we’re no longer novices, have enough experience to know how to make these trips (and each dive) safe and comfortable, and have a strong sense of our own limits.

Back to this morning’s writing time…