Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Now about 80% settled into this new place, which feels good. But certainly getting that final 20% settled involves lots of work yet. Most rooms are livable, if not completely as we want them. There’s at least one thing to do in every space though–finishing the spackle/paint around the medicine cabinet in the master bath; unpacking a few boxes in the master bed; dealing with furniture arrangement in living room, etc. The laundry space, the hall bath, the guest bedroom and bath, and just about everything related to Pattie’s mom’s space are set, though. Six ceiling fans installed, lots of handyman work, which I enjoy.

Pattie’s sewing room still isn’t finished–painting, some shelving–and it was part of what we’ve already paid for, to have been done before our move in on June 9. That’s pretty frustrating, to say the least.

I’m working on my ‘office’ space, having finished a nice table and set up audio equipment there. Hoping to get to serious work soon on the piece for Rachel/Ari. But I have to figure out how to deal with creating some shelving for books.

I think we’re getting to a point where I’ll soon not spend all day every day working on the place, and I’d like to see that happen this week. I’ve a master’s degree defense on Friday, so will need to spend time reading this week. Also getting us out of the house is the local gym/health club we joined last week. It’s got a pool that Pattie and her mom like, and the elliptical and weight machines I like.

I’ve been trying out a few yoga classes to see if there’s anything I like…one was ok, but a bit more gentle that I want on a regular basis. Am trying another one this morning. It’s a good stretch, and I have missed it. I may just return to the online video classes I like (so many really great, and diverse, Ashtanga series on youtube).

Joe still looking for something viable work-wise. He seems to be doing ok, but I know I’m stressing a bit about it. On the other hand, he’s so enjoying his time with Jackson–pics from this week’s trip to Maine below–and that’s a great thing. New baby boy still a few months away now (October), and all seems to be going well with Cristin.

Onward with the day, and hoping yours is pleasant, and healthy.