Friday, May 21, 2001

Greenville home is under contract, appraised, inspected. The buyers will get the inspector’s report soon, and then we’ll negotiate what we’ll do before the closing. As the buyers are, literally, our next-door neighbors, they’re very familiar with the area, and have a pretty good sense of this home. And, thankfully, our other next-door neighbor is a former builder, and is willing to work on any issues within his abilities, which are broad-ranging. So, it’ll mostly be a matter of negotiating an agreement between what the buyers want and what we’re willing to do (not much).

We close the deal on the Raleigh place next Thursday. Last week was the inspection on that place, and two days later a “new home orientation.” That was four hours of learning about every item in the home–function, maintenance, etc–and then walking every inch with a roll of painter’s tape to mark any cosmetic issue we wanted to bring to their finishers’ attention. Thankfully, the builder’s project manager, who led the session, also started that final marking process with us; and our realtor Laura was there to help, as well. Even still, that marking phase took about 90′.

The home-buying process is really something, I must say. Really, I suppose, it’s less the home-buying than the mortgage. It seems we have new forms to sign every day; though it’s made a bit less difficult with “docuSign” online electronic signing. So we can get through these forms at the kitchen table, on our computers/iPads/phones, which is certainly simple and convenient.

Once the home is ours, next Thursday, then the adapting of the place begins. The kitchen for Pattie’s mom will be built into the bottom floor (proposed image below), as well as the finishing of what will become her laundry room. It’s a significant project, including lots of plumbing, electrical, and HVAC work. The other part of the job is finishing the unfinished room on the top floor (no plumbing to deal with there, and not a great deal of electrical), and putting French doors in the wall adjoining that room with the ‘loft.’ The loft will be my work space, but also another living area, couch, tv, sitting area, etc.

this is all just bare walls at this point…

That work will all begin with our walking the job with the contractor after the closing, just to review every element of the work he’ll do. Then he’ll start the work the next day.

We had a great visit from Joe/Cristin/Jackson about 10 days ago, and that was a wonderful change in the push that’s all about selling/buying/moving. Had to put them up in a hotel, as we don’t have beds, etc., available to provide at this point. Maybe I already posted these…just can’t remember.

They’re finishing up a sweet visit with Cristin’s folks in Naples, FL, and then will head north. I’m so glad they’ll spend an afternoon with Bob/Brigitte on Saturday; will be good for all of them to see each other. Then they’ll spend the night in Jacksonville, FL, then continue up to Surf City, arriving Sunday. They’ll stay until Thursday, but we’ll likely leave on Wednesday to facilitate getting to Raleigh on Thursday morning for the final walk-through, then the closing, then the appt with the contractor. Can’t wait to spend a few days with them.

The best news, hopefully finalized later this morning, relates to Joe’s job situation. He had an interview with a firm whose litigation director has been in touch with Joe continually for a year now, awaiting the ‘unfreezing’ of hiring at that firm. The interview was about ten days ago with various folks/partners at the firm–but not the director who’s been advocating for Joe’s hire. Today he’s got a meeting with that person, Gil, who was years ago at the firm Joe was (Reed Smith) at until being laid off a year ago now; and since Gil’s been with his current firm he’s hired quite a few folks from Reed Smith. If this works out (fingers crossed!!), then it will mean a shift in the work Joe will do, and he’s looking forward to that. He’ll still be working at a litigator, but the work will focus on Real Estate, rather than Bank Finance.

At any rate, we’d hoped that things would open up here in NC and offer something before an offer came in NY, but if this is an offer, and if the offer is a good one, then he just needs to take it and get back to work. He’s been chomping at the bit for months now, trying to patiently await the economy’s thaw, and making the most of appreciating his time with Cristin and Jackson. So, looking forward to hearing about Joe’s morning meeting, and really hoping it’s a positive development.

Onward with the day, and wishing you a good one filled with smiles.