Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Always getting the day off to a great start with Jackson

serious cute, right there, no?


Yesterday I gave a presentation on some of my music to the young composers at UMass/Amherst. A few undergrads, a few grad students, and two faculty. One of those faculty was Sal Macchia, my first composition teacher, and someone who was an enormous influence. As I came to realize while speaking to these folks, UMass was really a huge influence for me, with many kind, supportive, and gifted faculty and colleagues there to nurture, encourage, and teach me important lessons of all types.

The session went fine, I think. I did try something a little bit new for me, arising out of my dissatisfaction with “zoom” conferences, and the ways in which the meeting leader has control over things that could engage audiences more effectively if given over to them. So I created a webpage with links embedded to materials, and also questions for participants to answer (in the hope of engaging a bit more–fail), and a general outline of what I’d cover. is that page; it’s a good first shot at improving things.

I wasn’t able to share any of the recordings which are forthcoming, as they’re not yet ready. But here is the “cover” of the four-piece collection we’re calling “Addressing Wonder.”

I really love the colors, the imagery, and the general design created by Chris Glass. I find it warm and inviting, and I’m so happy to have it associated with my work. The idea expands, which each of the blocks above associated with one of the tracks on the collection. Will offer more soon…