Saturday, March 6, 2020

I was a bit surprised at the sense of relief I felt yesterday in receiving the first vaccine.

At the Greenville Convention Center, the logistics were pretty amazing, actually. From entering the parking lot until turning back on the road, including post-vaccine observation time, the entire process ran less than 30 minutes. At no point did anything feel rushed, and at every point along the way, everyone involved was smiling, pleasant, and engaging. From those directing things in the parking lot to the nurse administering the shot, I must have been assisted in some way by 20-25 people, and they were all so welcoming and helpful.

Today’s side-effects seem limited to some ache at the injection site, perhaps a bit of ache in my neck. Nothing stopping me from any normal activities.

I’ll get my second shot on March 30; by tax day i’ll be fully vaccinated. And knowing that brings great relief. I’m not sure how much things will change, except that we’re more hopefully looking at the possibility of some travel in May, after the semester’s over.

Looking forward, in new ways.

Please get a vaccine.