Friday, March 19, 2021

So nice to hear from friends, colleagues, and former students in response to posts about the recordings coming out. Chris Grymes doing a great job of getting the word out, largely using FaceBook and his site, where he’s a beautiful design to attract the reader.

Perhaps one of the best treats was a phone call from a student from my first years here at ECU. Bill’s a bass player and just a guy who’s curious about lots of things. He’d taken some classes with me, then wanted more so signed up for an independent study in electronic music–to learn, but also to just hang and talk. He lost his dad while in school, and it was very difficult for him; I was able to easily relate. He still plays, but it’s all part of a wonderfully balanced life; his work is with the DEA, his play is music, and he’s married, with a toddler and an 11 year old step son. It was such a pleasure to hear from him, to catch up, and to hear him reminisce about his days here, and the wonderful relationships he formed.

More changes coming to our world (Pattie/me), but I’ll save that for another post. But no post complete without some Jackson–

Loves his animals, this guy
Tall enough to get into trouble now!