Sunday, February 7, 2021

Surf City, NC

So, we packed up almost everything we’d need to relocate to Surf City, and got here at about 1pm yesterday. Lots and lots to do here, as it’s a swept-clean construction site, but the construction inside is 98% done. A few workers will be by on Monday to finish up some small things (painting quarter-round, other finish work), but we’re definitely livable.

Yesterday we did lots of cleaning upstairs, assuring that we could sleep and wash. Got upstairs bedrooms/bathrooms set up, from beds to rugs to curtains. The going was a bit slow, as Frankie is definitely a bit unsure about this change of surroundings. Her first night sleeping here wasn’t very easy, as the roar of the ocean, and the rain against the windows get her on high alert.

We got alot done, but have that much more to do to just get rooms/space in operable order. Then we’ll undoubtedly need to do another deep clean. There’s lots of sand and grit, everywhere; and every time we move a piece of furniture, we’re moving grit along with it. We know it’s a process that’ll likely go on for more than a week, but this is why we’re so very glad to be here.

A quick view while the rain let up for a moment. Heaven for us.
There’s still on building’s deck to be completed.

With builders just starting the remaining deck on Monday, they’ll be doing that for three weeks. Then, they’ll come back and finish up everyone’s outside privacy walls, outdoor wiring, shower setup, gate. And our parking space, beneath the unit, is their staging area for the remaining deck-build. “Normal” is still a ways off, but we’re fine with that.

Today will be more cleaning, hanging downstairs blinds/curtains, vacuuming, restocking our fridge/freezer, vacuuming, setting up my office so that I can teach tomorrow morning, vacuuming. Step by step.

But first, the Sunday NYTimes puzzle, then correcting homework papers…

Wishing you a great day, from Surf City, NC, with a smile on my face.