Saturday, February 6, 2021

Greenville, looking south to Surf City, NC.

The day started in the best way, with a call from Jackson:

It’s pretty darned cold up there around Jackson, so there’s not too much outdoor time many days. But they all seem to be doing fine. The pix above make clear exactly what brings Jackson’s biggest smiles–the view of Frankie!


Then we pack up the best we could for a relocating trip to Surf City. Of course we forgot a few things, but we’ll retrieve those when I head back to G’ville next weekend for a diving class (learning about a full-face mask–just curious).

Our first view wasn’t great video, but very encouraging, nonetheless. The deck, sliding doors, new floors, all look good.

So, onward to cleaning and setting up as much as we can before collapsing from exhaustion…