Monday, February 22, 2021

An active ocean, with a windy/rainy day ahead.

The weekend was full; ECU audition day (all remote, of course) on Saturday morning, then the afternoon was an extended Zoom-interview with Chris Grymes of Open G Records. We’d had a podcast-chat a few years back, but he wanted to do another in prep for the ‘release’ of recordings of four of my pieces next month. I’m sure the recordings will be good, as the sessions were great, the draft edits I heard were super, and the audio wizard who’s putting these together is just incredible. So while I’m not feeling that any delivery-date is guaranteed, I’m told that I’ll have the finals in hand by March 8, with an official ‘release’ on March 15. That will involve the art & liner notes, availability on different outlets, etc.

Beyond that, just very busy teaching/preparing/providing feedback on homeworks. As usual, the highlight of the days involve seeing a new pic of Jackson!

UNC fan in training