Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Just a few days left–before classes begin next week; before the drastic slowdown of the last 5 years’ insane Trump-based headlines; until the start of a rebuild of rationality in the White House; until the beginning of some coordinated actions against the pandemic; and more, of course, in the broad world and in your life.

Today’s headlines [look anywhere, though my stop is] say it all. Trump talking about “totally appropriate” comments; McConnell and Cheney noting his actions as impeachable; more detailed reports emerging about the horrors of January 6; the participation of members of our military, law enforcement, even Capitol police, politicians, and the level of violence much worse than originally reported. Let alone the execution of someone who’s so completely incompetent, and Pompeo’s actions so troublesome that European leaders are cancelling meetings with him.

And Covid-19, which is what should have been occupying these fools for the past year, rather than sowing disinformation about fraudulent elections because he knew he was going to lose. So, so many deaths; so many lives turned upside down, so little action by our so-called President. In my mind, he is guilty of more than Treason, but of crimes against humanity. Truly, the definition of evil.


All the words spilled to report, to incite, to inform. But these are my favorite:

Look who’s talking!