Sunday, January 17, 2021

So very grateful that classes begin Tuesday, that we had auditions yesterday. The need to ready things for more online teaching, for the semester ahead, is an effective deterrent to reading the news.

Because the news is just ever more horrid. Of course, hoping that the incoming administration is able to achieve its goals, which are astoundingly ambitious. Here’s hoping that Congress will work with him. So very bizarre, after the years’ past, to hear half of Congress making claims for the need for unity. It’s all just deeply disingenuous, so clearly all about trying to get back $ lost from the many corporations who’ve recently cut them off.

And one has to wonder about what took these companies so long to actually “stand.”

I found last night’s entry by Heather Richardson an extremely informative one. She puts so much into historical perspective (from FDR to the present), and I appreciate gaining this long-view.