Tuesday, December 22, 2020

We received a fabulous gift from Joe/Cristin last week–something I’d not known about before it came in the mail. This Dragon Touch digital picture frame allows selected/approved people to email pictures directly to the frame. You choose an email address for the frame, then send that address to people you want to have emailing ability; they send you a one-time email with a specific code, and you approve their email address. Then, pictures just start appearing in an ongoing slideshow whose specs you can adjust to your liking.

Joe/Cristin, of course, have been sending pix, as have Pattie and I from our own phones/archives. These pix of Jackson recently appeared on our frame, bringing lots of smiles:

a boy and his dog; Jackson and Ellie are best buds, for sure.
but if Ellie’s not close by, there’s nothing like a cuddly stuffed friend
Jackson making the tree look good!

We quickly got the same frame for Pattie’s mom. I got all her kids to send their emails, set everything up, and now she’s enjoying tons of pix coming in. The frame holds thousands of photos (publicity says 40k), so this will be a great, ongoing album.

A highly recommended gift in this time of physical separation.