Saturday, December 26, 2020

Very cold here (20s at night, 30s daytime). Enjoyed a short ride yesterday (new overpants really work remarkably well), walks over the past few days with Pattie and Frankie. But over all, feelings of ennui which seem impossible to overcome. And watching/reading about what these people whom we’ve elected as political leaders are doing, the narcissist-scum-in-chief leading the way towards even further pain and catastrophe for so many in this country, backed by politicians who seem to stand for absolutely nothing beyond their own political survival; it’s all so much worse than disheartening.

And on top of all that, the evil that emerges in Nashville’s downtown. The depths to which mankind can stoop seem truly evermore unfathomable to me. Faith in humanity is so very hard to maintain; individuals, perhaps, but the ability of the worst among us to damage the rest is evidenced throughout history, and certainly not weakening.

Brightness only arrives via electronic delivery–

Hoping your days find some sweetness, too.