Monday, December 28, 2020

Almost there. Just a few more days. The fool on the hill completely incapable of actions beyond his narcissistic instincts. And all other of his fools standing in line to kiss the arse he promises will be ever the king maker. Sickening.

The ups and downs of the days and nights are truly unsettling. Trying to focus, trying to stay anywhere near on-point is a very significant challenge. Perhaps no easier right now than in April.

Finding some clarity in giving myself a mini-teaching assignment, one that i’d like to offer to my students starting Jan 1 or so. Simply put, it’s just a daily communal writing period; a zoom session in which we each write for five minutes using a randomly generated idea, whether pitches, rhythms, colors, or something else. I’ll do it as well, of course, in no small part a means to re-set some writing habits. In devising this little exercise, I needed to create some mini-patches in MAX, which I’ll also be teaching in the spring…a bonus that i’m working on refreshing some of those skills, too.


Yesterday was really nice. did some cooking and baking in the morning, then gave a good trial to my winter bike-wear. Bundled up, comfortable, and good for a ride for the afternoon.

Always nice to just get on the road for a while; quiet and calm. (Especially so with the heated hand-grips, the sweet warm pants.). The chilliest part was the 30′ ferry, though easy enough to find a warm spot away from the wind. A pleasure to be on the water.


This morning more cooking and baking, looking forward to sending out some packages of aromatic memories.