Sunday, November 15, 2020

The week just passed has brought increased activity to the house, as Ellie has been with us. Joe and Cristin adopted Ellie, a true mutt rescue, about 3-4 years ago from the SPCA in Queens. She’s an easy, older dog, about 7 yrs old or so. As Cristin’s folks’ place isn’t conducive to dogs, we’re keeping her with us until Joe/Cristin/Jackson pass through again on their return to NY, some time next week. At home in NY she doesn’t play all that much, but here, Frankie is constantly pestering her to play, and she’s really come around.

Play with me!!
A good exhibit of puppy vs. older dog energy

And we’ve been getting some basic puppy training (more like puppy-owner training, to tell the truth) the past four Saturday mornings. Yesterday was the last class–

Graduation day!

The new graduate, and her older companion, are getting used to each other’s energies, for sure:

Buddies waiting for dinner

Dogs really are a great diversion, such wonderful and loving energy.