Saturday, November 21, 2020

The headlines continue to make one thing so very clear to me: Trump and his minions are vile. Absolutely vile. I truly wish I understood how 70 million people find him a good leader, a good person to hold the seat of POTUS. It seems obvious to me that it’ll take decades for US politics to straighten out, and it’ll take a major crisis to bring the country together; likely a war. I don’t believe I’ll see a day when the country comes together.


I’m fascinated by this idea of “silent meetings.” I’d like to find a way to use this in teaching. I’ll continue to read up on the role of facilitator of such meetings, and see if I can come up with a way to execute this in a solid pedagogical setting–either remote or in-person.


Joe, et al, are heading north from the Naples visit. I think they had a great time, and certainly Greg and Cathy really enjoyed having these weeks to get to know Jackson at 15 months.

They’ll make the trip up to NC in two days, today starting with a side trip to visit Bob, Brigitte, Daniel, hopefully Aaron, for lunch. This will be Jackson’s first meeting with them, and I know they’ll all enjoy each other, and it’ll be too short a visit.

The’ll reach us Sunday evening, I imagine. Not sure if they’ll stay through T-day, but perhaps so. We’ve no real plans for the day, but we’ll see.

Wishing you a healthy and relatively happy week ahead.