Friday, November 27, 2020

Hoping you enjoyed a reasonable day yesterday, wherever you were. As large gatherings aren’t really something I particularly enjoy, our day here was quite relaxing. Joe, Cristin, Jackson, and Ellie departed before 10am; clearly it was a good idea to travel on t-day, as they were home before 6pm. Less than 8 hours is quick, so. that worked out well.

Just a sheer joy to have them visiting. All day fun with Jackson, a pleasure to get to see him growing. One of the biggest treats was when we all just leave him alone and watch him play on his own. He’s enjoying time on his own–of course, at his age, wanting to know that someone was nearby. He’s doing great.

November 25, 2020
early July, 2020
just hanging out in the dog-toy. basket

We pretty much spent the day giving the house a bit of a deep clean, and got to an early bedtime.

Today, back to writing!

And, of course, the daily presidential idiocy; if you’ve not seen this Turkey Pardon from 2018, it’s an absolute must-see.