Sunday, October 18, 2020

Yesterday was a pleasant day away from the news, a welcome break.

Pattie and I wanted to retrieve our scuba gear from where we’d left it stowed in Surf City. We’re still hoping against hope that a trip to Bonaire in December will actually happen, and that’s really a trip that’s all about diving, so we’ll need the gear. I’m also hoping to take a dry-suit class (cold-water diving) in November, as well, so another reason to have the gear on hand in G’ville.

The vet had given us some medicine to help Frankie with car sickness, and we think she’s at an appropriate weight finally, so we gave that a shot. So very happy to say that she didn’t get sick, and also wasn’t really lethargic from the med, either. So that’s a win.

The drive to SC was pleasant, no traffic, no hassles. We took a quick break for Frankie to take care of business, visiting a little park in Kinston which we’ve meant to explore for a while now. The Kinston Music Park is a very nicely realized tribute & space (including a stage) dedicated to the very rich history of musicians in the area, and we thoroughly enjoyed walking, reading, viewing the images (some great work in glass!), and enjoying the space.

When we arrived in Surf City, we were seen pulling in by the contractor who’s coordinating much of the work to be done on our place (floors and sliding door replacement post-Isaias water incursion) and the deck replacement. So he came over to give us an update, touch base, etc.

Turns out he was down with Covid-19 for 3+ weeks…thankfully not hospitalized, and now fully recovered. But it sounds like late August-September was really a lost month for him, followed by a few weeks of trying to get his energy back.

The insurance company is really very effective at fighting claims, stalling payment, etc., so after the hurricane of a early August, the contractor’s now at a point of seeing funds….in about a month. The deck is probably on a similar schedule, so the bottom line is that we’re looking forward to being back in there at some point in January.

The beach-side exterior, decks completely gone…

Past trips to SC have left us a bit down, to be honest. But Pattie enjoyed a nice walk with Frankie while I got the gear and talked with Steve, the contractor, and the day was just so beautiful.

Once packed up, we stopped at a brewery that popped up about a year ago, but which we’d never tried. All were masked and distanced, and we enjoyed a nice break–as did Frankie.

Frankie’s first visit to the Salty Turtle Beer Co.

An easy trip home, a stop to VOTE (in and out in 10 minutes!), get flu shots, and a nice, productive day in the books.