Monday, October 26, 2020

On pretty short notice, Joe learned last week of an interview with an NC (Raleigh) firm scheduled for today. He spent the weekend doing some homework on the firm and people, and just had the interview an hour ago.

He’s a good, cool cucumber, that guy. The interview went well, and so far he feels good about the possibility. Lots of specifics that kept him feeling positive, but the big questions are really ones of the firm’s reputation. With NY firms, it’s a pretty easy things to figure out a group’s rep; not so much when you’re not in the area. If he gets a second interview, he’ll connect with his friends in the region–and he’s got several atty friends, given his UNC-CH days–to see what they report.

They’re planning to make a trip to FL, and will stop in NC for a few days next week. So a day trip to Raleigh to drive around, look at different residential areas, etc., seems to be on their docket. Pattie’s sis Jen and her husband Ciaran will be super helpful; they live in a very desirable area of Raleigh, have a very good sense of the town, and likely know a reputable realtor, as well.

Hopefully next week’s visit will be after a 2nd interview…keeping fingers crossed.