Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Thought for the day.

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Back to work.

I was very glad to truly take the weekend off of work. [Just corrected a few papers, answered a few emails–really less than 2 hours total Sat-Mon; that’s definitely a weekend off.]

We were initially disappointed to not be able to use the beach, but we took advantage of being in Gvl to get some much-needed prep for Frankie’s arrival. Mending holes in the fence, rebuilding some planters, pressure washing the deck, and the basics (lawn mowing) got us feeling better about the yard and readiness for our new addition. Definitely excited about getting her on Saturday, and looking forward to the fun distraction, the puppy energy; and i’m looking forward to seeing the happiness it’ll bring Pattie.

Had a wonderful and long video call with Joe and Jackson this morning. Got to see their new routine; Joe preps breakfast, and Jackson climbs the convertible ladder-table to stand at the counter and assist Joe.

Today, his job was to hold a potato, and he totally aced it.

After he finishes eating his b’fast, he’s now in the regular habit of taking all the bits of food that didn’t make it to his mouth, and get ’em on the floor for Ellie to eat…she’s happy to cooperate, of course.

Joe’s got a lead on a possible job opportunity which he’s pursuing, in addition to re-contacting NC recruiters. Our fingers are crossed that something breaks for him soon. Impossible market, of course, but just one good lead…

One of the highlights of the weekend was the kind of purchase i never make–a big one. I’ve been on the non-rushing-hunt for a bigger bike since our walks past shops in San Diego back in December. The smaller Honda 500 has been great around town, but the longer trips to the beach get a bit tiring. I tried a Harley 1200 about 10 days ago up in VA, but it’s clear that the vibrations, loudness, and particularly metal-on-metal sound of Harleys just aren’t my thing. The acceleration sure was fun, though.

Found something special early last week, and went to test it out on Saturday. As soon as I rolled out…it was so very comfortable, I was sold. The owner told me to take my time on the test ride, so i rode for about 20+ minutes, eventually ending up in our driveway. Pattie came out and saw it, and that was it; she thought it exquisite-looking, which together with my thinking it exquisite-driving, made it a ‘want.’ I slept on it, then did the deed on Sunday. Have had a few good days of rides, though since yesterday afternoon it’s been raining pretty consistently.

2018 Triumph Bonneville T120