Sunday, September 20, 2020

The news of these days notwithstanding–the mourning of RBG, the absurd backflips being done by politicians, and so much continuing bad news re fires, hurricanes, COVID-19–yesterday was a day to take care of our little local circle.

The morning routine is definitely a bit different this past week. Early morning waking hasn’t changed, but there’s a little tail-wagging awaiting me as I get to the kitchen. Once we take care of business and settle in, the view is focused more on something other than my computer…

Kind of hard to get any work done…but not complaining at all.

The first part of the morning was spent looking through grades in my frosh class. Seeing a number of students simply hadn’t submitted work, and their grades suffering unnecessarily. I wrote to each of them to let them know what was missing; this is something I would never do in the past.

I wouldn’t do this in the past because one of the most important things we’re teaching these students is responsibility, actions-consequences, etc. But as I looked at the missing submissions, I noticed that they were all due after these students were forced to leave campus and move back home. So they are back to living as h.s. kids, in their parents’ homes. They’re not facing the responsibilities that come with living on their own, not facing roommates who are failing because they’re doing nothing, or roommates who are owning up to their workload and taking care of business; they don’t have these positive and negative influences right there. They are still in the habits of high schoolers.

So is my sending an warning another ‘coddling’, or am I helping them…I don’t really know, to be honest. It felt like the right thing to do, to say “take care of business right now, or pay the price when the term ends this week,” so I did it. Some sent emails of thanks, and have jumped into taking care of business; others have yet to be heard from now, 24 hours later. But that’s the way it works. Some will boost their grades with work, others will be happy to get a C, or will face the consequences of failing and having to retake the class–or change their major course of study. And in some cases that’s what should happen, of course, as this really isn’t for everyone.


My own ‘taking care of business’ involved a number of projects in the house, a bit of shopping, a trip to Lowes, some yard work, moving some furniture to make the kitchen a bit more sitting-comfy, and relocating a tv into the kitchen (where Frankie is pretty much limited until very reliably house-trained), mounting a few Blink cameras to keep an eye on back yard and carport. None of these tasks too demanding, and glad to get ’em done.

Then the fun really kicked in, as most of the afternoon turned out to be a indulgence for me. A good friend recently lost his mother quite suddenly, and i’d not seen him since. I know he rides, so we took off for a ride at 2:30, headed to Bay View, then Belhaven, stopped and caught up on life for about an hour, then headed back. Didn’t get home until 6, and it was a great day. A great man-date, as they say. Smooth roads, lots of water around us (rivers disturbingly high), small town-centers…very relaxing ride.

Yesterday’s ride–thanks to Michael Crane for a great route

During a good part of the ride, found myself singing/setting the beginning of the E.E. Cummings I am itching to get to work on. A good sign of the energy building up, and I’ll write down those ideas this morning.

The final week of the term’s classes is upon us. The final exam to be taken next Monday. I can’t believe it’s gone by so quickly, but am most certainly looking forward to a drastic change in my schedule.

Today will be a relaxing one, and looking forward to it. Perhaps a ride later today with Todd, which would be sweet; i’ll likely ride even if he’s not available…it’s Sunday, then Sun’s going to be shining, and the Triumph beckons.

Wishing you a peaceful day, with moments away from the turmoil.