Saturday, September 5, 2020

The beginning of a sunny Labor Day weekend.

A Labor Day when unions are weaker than ever; when more Americans are out of work than in decades.

Feeling very lucky to have work, to not have to worry about the benefits of a regular paycheck, of regular health and retirement benefits. Very fortunate, indeed. In fact, receiving notice of my eligibility to apply for phased retirement at work, to begin fall 2021. Not entirely sure I’ll make that application, as there’s some counseling I need to seek regarding the fine print…but as was the case last year, when i was informed that this eligibility was on the horizon, it’s got me and Pattie thinking.

Joe, Cristin, and Jackson were set to leave their spot in Michigan and head west to S Dakota to visit Cristin’s sis (Erin) & family. But Erin’s husband was exposed last week to someone who tested Covid-positive, and is quarantining for two weeks. Out of an abundance of caution, they’re not heading that way, so headed home. They called from a campsite last night–the same site as on the way out (a KOA in Mercer, PA), which was much busier than the previous week (holiday weekend).

looking bigger and bigger…
at home outside the tent…

Was very happy to hear Cristin describe how she might adjust things “next time” they go camping. She enjoyed herself, sitting by the fire, etc., and that’s great. I hope they enjoy camping, even if only brief trips, regularly. I know that Joe has great memories of our trip when he was 8–a 3-week trip which went surprisingly well–and i think he’s looking forward to doing the same with Jackson in a few years.

Next weekend, Pattie and I will head out to the Greensboro area (<3 hrs drive) to get a new addition to our family. Introducing Frankie the cavapoo:

Frankie; she’s looking forward to losing that bow…

She’s a pup, and we’ll have quite a few months of training, accidents, etc., to endure, but we’re looking forward to bringing her home. Pattie was very careful about searching for a hypo-allergenic pooch, for my skin’s benefit, and we’re hoping for the best. [I do so love dogs, but some cause some real discomfort for me.]

So, this weekend will be spent doing some fixing-up in the yard; assuring any holes in the yard’s fences are blocked/mended. Also will pressure wash and stain the rebuilt deck, as advised by the builder… Will be nice to spend the days outside.