Monday, September 14, 2020

my new morning buddy

The morning routine’s changed a bit, as someone’s mighty happy to greet me in the kitchen in the morning, no matter the crazy hour I awake. A quick run outside to let Frankie pee is really an opportunity for her to just lick my face, then roll over on the grass to get a belly rub.

Maybe I don’t get working quite as quickly as I used to, and I don’t mind at all.


Now just six classes remaining in this first term. The remainder of the freshman theory class I’m teaching is really all planned out at this point, and it should go pretty much on auto-pilot. I have a few more videos I’d like to make while some things are still on my mind–and I think these videos will continue to be a good resource in future semesters. I’ll try to take care of those in the coming days.

I find myself exploring new roads in the area with the new bike, and that’s been really nice. Lots of great winding roads with little traffic makes for a nice hour away from the house and work; and I know Pattie appreciates/needs the break from my being around the house so much.

More hurricanes approaching the Gulf; the fires on the west coast astoundingly horrible; continuing concerns about the election; COVID-19 spreading again in Europe and the Middle East: so very much to feel concerned about.

2020 just isn’t getting any easier.