Friday, September 4, 2020

What a long week.

Good to know that Joe/Cristin/Jackson are making the most of their time off, on a bit of a road trip to visit Joe’s step-sis & family (they live in Chicago, vacation an hour east, on great lake in Michigan), and Cristin’s sis & family (S. Dakota). As the drives are long (12 hrs NY-Mich and Mich-SDak), they’re breaking them up with single nights camping, which is great. We’ve only heard a tad from them since they’ve arrived in Michigan–all are having a great time–and did get this pic of Jackson with one of his cousins. Looking like a real little boy, no?

School? After today, in this term 12 classes down, 8 remaining. Students who’re falling behind are now really digging in, which is great. They all realize the pace isn’t letting up; some are super-on top of things (not at all surprised to note these are all female, organized, not waiting to ask questions, stars all), others getting things at the very minute they’re due (all male; doing the job, only asking questions when i let them know they need to), and a mix of folks trailing a bit. Still, really, not that different on average than a normal 15-week face-to-face semester. But I’m pulling the train more than normal, for sure.

Having trouble making phone connection with a good friend up in NY, on Long Island, and worried. An old friend from the 80s, he’s a freelance performer who is without musical work, of course, and it’s absolutely getting to him. A text response from him this week said “if i’m being honest, not doing too terribly well.” He’s in a good, supportive, loving relationship, and that seems to be helping enormously, but… Will keep trying to make phone-talk connection over the coming days, and really want to just hear his voice.

The state of things in our country no less a mess…pro-Trump v. anti-Trump rallies now actually leading to gunfire and murder. Trump causing more chaos re voting. Right this moment am hearing on the news someone talking about how she’s a Trump supporter because she was raised with the values of the Republican party; truly, I just don’t understand how someone with that party’s values can support him. Another suggests scientists are holding back vaccines…another “I’m not afraid of a virus.” Another says there’s never been a pandemic like this before…1918 flu? Another supporter says that Democrats truly hate this country. Is this all just evidence of Fox News impact? I am so very afraid.

Labor Day weekend ahead. Pattie went to the beach yesterday to meet a contractor, and we’d planned on me joining her last night, even though the place is a construction zone. After getting there, she nixed the idea and returned to G’ville. So we’ll do some work around the house/yard…

And the pool at school has reopened on a limited basis, so we’ve enjoyed heading over there for an hour-long swim over the past week, and again today. Alas, not open over the weekend.

Feeling right now like a good amount of this race (school) remains; and can’t wait until i can see the finish line and get back to writing.

Wishing you a restful, rejuvenating weekend. And hoping that the last quarter of 2020 brings better news than the first three quarters.