Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Awake at about 2:45a, as the winds from Isaias reached peak strength here in Greenville.  Some branches falling in the yard, the impact loud enough to prompt my heading to reassure myself that they hit the yard—not the house.  Then the power started flickering, causing some electronics in the house to sing their ‘power on’ song as electricity came back on.

The rain was already dying down by 3, really leaving the wind as the focus.

Tried, and failed, to return to sleep, so just got out of bed at 3:20, deciding to make coffee before we lose power again.  Strong winds, for sure.  Lots of debris in the yard, trees dancing with very wide arcs of sway (is that a legit phrase?).

We’ve lost trees here in the past, on two occasions big ones crushing the roof of our separate garage building; once just glancing the corner of our kitchen.  We’ve put a new roof on just about eight weeks ago, so feeling secure about resistance to direct wind damage of roof/shingles.  The garage, surrounded by trees?  Fingers crossed.

At this point the storm’s passed Surf City, and we’ll head down later today to inspect and, hopefully, stay for the weekend.

Got some wonderful pix marking the days around Jackson’s first birthday, and just love the smiles these bring. Cristin’s so good at capturing him (and dressing him in style!):