Tuesday, August 18, 2020

A fabulous piece written by a long-ago classmate from UMass, truly worth the quick read. Was so very glad to see this via Facebook.

UNC cancelling in-person classes after one week; making all kinds of national headlines, of course, as a major university.

ECU reporting a cluster at a freshman dorm. Students (that’s where all students in my frosh class live) are, of course, frightened (if not terrified).

Just such an impossible situation.

After Isaias, then a rare derecho storm in the midwest causing people to be without power for over a week now.

CA experiencing rolling power blackouts during an incredible heatwave–friends reporting temps between 105-110.

Incredible numbers of people without jobs. None able to find work. Electricity bills soaring with the heat, the wifi, more people home; less money coming in.

Half-expect to see boils, lice, and frogs (already had locusts in Africa.

Biblical times, these are.