Sunday, August 9, 2020

Yesterday pleasant, yet with a big disappointment.

The day began with the arrival of insurance estimators at our unit here in Surf City.  They were here, along with the HOA’s liaison with the insurance company, himself a mitigation and construction expert, to assess every unit post-Isaisas. 

And with their moisture meters they found >25% readings from beachside sliding doors back into the (downstairs) living room and (upstairs) master bdrm, on the floors, about 6-10 feet.

Also quite a bit around the window in the master bath.

So, big dryer fans and dehumidifiers are coming in today; and floors being taken up in those rooms. Tile/wall removal around the mbath window.

That, together with knowing that the deck will come down some down in the coming weeks (months?), and we know this is starting all over again.  We just finished putting everything back together about 5 weeks ago, ahead of Jackson’s arrival…just a big disappointment.

Moved deck furniture to carport, where hopefully it won’t be borrowed by anyone.

Today we’ll move all furniture out of living room and master bedroom toward the streetside of the apt. 

The liaison, who’s company is doing this work, promises it’ll be a different experience than what this previous 20-month process was; quick, easy, efficient, secure.  Would be nice, but can’t say we’ll hold our breath on that.

Beyond that, a nice day which included an hour on jet skis with Stephen and Christine, visiting from VA for Christine’s b-day.  We’ve enjoyed their company these past few days, and it’s good that they were able to get away a bit; really their first foray (beyond their move from Norfolk to Suffolk) out of their home since February.  They’re healthy, well, and seem very happily married during this newlywed year.

Joe, Cristin, and Jackson drove to Allan/Mary’s up in Maine on Friday, arriving late afternoon. The escape from their power outage in Westchester (out since Tuesday, not due on until 8/11, 11pm as of ConEd’s estimate a few moments ago) was a smart one. We were mulling over their coming to the beach and, now with this work being done, i’m so glad they went north. Their first day there was lovely, cool, restful; and I’m sure Allan hit it off big with Jackson in just a few moments. Joe notes that Jackson’s loving the lake, as much as he does the little pool at home; and is mobilizing all around the house and deck. Sharon arrives some time today, I think, and it’s great that they’ll all get acquainted a bit with Jackson. Marty/Carol not arriving until Thursday, I think, but J/C/J will have left on Wednesday to get back home.

On to prepare another video for teaching—which begins tomorrow!  Definitely a different sort of butterflies in the stomach for this year’s beginning.  The idea is, in a way, ever more like a performance preparation than usual: set up everything, tech included, to try to assure the best odds at success for a good experience for the students and myself.  Can’t control how student connections will go, of course, nor their understanding of tech…but we’ll do the best we can, hopefully having an engaging experience rather than a tech support session.