Saturday, August 29, 2020

This article, (also here) from the Chronicle of Higher Education, serves as a good portrait of the issues, attitudes, and atmosphere on campuses right now. I’m very impressed by the many angles it covers. This is one to be included on the “2020/COVID-19 History” course to be taught to leadership folks in decades to come.

This is such a horrible experiment, but will absolutely teach so many of us so many valuable lessons about untenable situations, no-win decision-making, etc.

And surely there will be one about the compressing of 15-wk terms and the cost to students in learning effectiveness.  I never understood the idea of “being nimble” because we could “pivot” more easily with shorter terms.  And I’m seeing the exact opposite; students being forced to take 2-3 days to pack/move finding those 2-3 days are equal to a week of material. [not intended as a rant, but just one more thing that’s confused me throughout this.]


While yesterday’s (and the week’s, in general) classes went well, I think I’ve hit a wall re speed-of-curriculum. I assigned a homework that required understanding of something I’ve not properly presented–and didn’t even realize I’d made that assignment.

Thankfully, a student wrote me, confused and requesting help, about an hour after class finished. So I pulled the assignment;

And I spent time with her online, able to get her clear on this material in less than 30′. But that’s 30′ I need to spend with all of the students…another series of video to make, I guess. Just the hope that they’ll access them so that we can keep up a good pace. After Monday’s class, we’ll be 50% done with the term, so I really just don’t know what’s sustainable here. But at least this weekend, I’ll keep trying to move it along.


And remembering an enormous influence on so many–Charlie Parker.

And just out, this documentary about amazing saxophonist George Coleman, Jr.