Saturday, August 22, 2020

A week of long days. Teaching feels more manageable, though I and several others experienced a major technical glitch on Friday (unable to connect to Webex for a class). This was my first big tech issue. I think the good news is that even with outbreaks on campus, students seem to be doing ok.

As the students are really in a kind of anti-social restriction (not necessarily a full lockdown, but definitely not ‘normal’ college), some are doing work at all hours. I see homework submissions coming in from more than one student between midnight and 4am. I am trying to get them very fast feedback while the iron’s hot; if they submit, i get back to them so that they can make adjustments and resubmit. During these first two weeks (we’re 30% done with this 7.5-week term!) this approach has set a good tone, i think. I won’t keep up the rapid-feedback pace, but also won’t need to just b/c of the nature of the pace of assignments, etc.

Catching up a bit on the teaching has allowed me to even get out on my bike, to do some yard work, and to generally get my head out of my computer. Certainly an improvement over the past 6 weeks, but more non-teaching work is the goal, for sure.

The absolute absurd posture taken by some university administrators across the country is truly remarkable, even if not a surprise (Chronicle of Higher Education article via “Download”).

Just hoping the students, and my faculty-staff colleagues, stay as safe as possible.

Donated blood yesterday (you should do this!), and learned while checking in that they’re doing anti-body tests on donated blood these days. Turns out my last donation (8 weeks ago) was negative. Good information to have.