Monday, August 10, 2020

As Joe, Cristin and Jackson had to head out of Westchester (no power since Isaias came through last Tuesday, not estimated to get power back until Wednesday morning), they headed up to Joe’s uncle’s place on a lake up in Maine. Some great pix of Jackson getting out on the water!

Our beach damage turned out a bit more extensive, after insurance inspectors came through to do moisture readings…so we’ve packed up half the house, after enjoying the first 5 weeks there since Sept. 2018, and will away their process of pulling up the floors, drying, ordering and awaiting arrival of materials, then installation.  New crew and boss, who promises nothing like the process we’ve all endured since ’18…but, honestly, we’d be crazy to expect to get in there in less than a few months, I’m sure.

So, had to leave Surf City and return to Gvl. Back to work at ECU (virtual though it is) today, for the first time since December, 2019. As usual, eager to meet the new students and to see what we can do together.

But will dearly miss the endless time with Pattie over these past months. Nice to look forward to that when retirement is a reality.