Friday, August 28, 2020

It’s officially been nominated, and now accepted that nomination, for POTUS candidacy. The endless lies, the “law and order” stance that sounds no different than the Southern strategy used by Nixon–“we’re white, keep them others down.”

The news reports are all about “fact checking.” And it makes me laugh, as a lifetime of its lies have gotten it here, making shit up left and right, echoed by those who want to assure whatever sort of bizarre idea of ‘governing’ this represents. And that lifetime of lies was no secret. And the years of lies while in this office have been no secret. And it took the media years to find the spine to actually use the word “lie.”

And even now there’s little use of the word lie. Rather, it’s “baseless accusations,” “unfounded claims,” “no evidence,” and other such phrases. He’s a lier; he’s one who lies; he lies about himself, he lies about others, he lies about his actions, past and present; he denies facts staring him in the face.

And there are people believing the snake oil he’s selling.

Years ago i was dumbstruck when George Bush won the presidency–yes, the SCOTUS made an enormous error in judgement. But then he won a second time, and i truly could not fathom that our country thought his administration was working in the best interest of our country’s principles. He won twice. I still can’t believe it.

Then this thing.

Do you have faith in your fellow U.S. citizens to act in the best interest of this country’s principles? I hope you at least go out an vote; better still, have a genuine conversation with someone about the principles you believe in. You needn’t resort to name-calling (as difficult as that may be), but just talk about decency, empathy, competency; the ability to listen, read, and understand complex issues of the world’s relationships; the understanding that a politician serves all their constituency, not just those most vocal supporters; someone in office works for us, and to speak out against us protesters as lawless rioters; us suffering from the pandemic as “what it is”; states that vote for the “other” party as run by incompetent governors who can’t control budgets; and on and on.

Please, please, talk about leadership; talk about the qualities people find in the leaders they want to follow. We all see leaders we admire, and those we don’t–at work, in our communities, in our families–and just engage someone on the qualities they see as truly leadership-worthy.

The case is so easy to make; please take a moment to make it. All of our lives depend on it.