Thursday, July 23, 2020

Coming to our senses? No, not really.

But after nearly 40 years of teaching, I am finding this process of converting /adjusting/reconsidering how to teach in this remote format all very interesting and, in its way, reinvigorating.

This process is enormously time-intensive; working on learning the software, using familiar programs in new and different ways and, of course, re-designing how materials are delivered, how students can access materials and lessons at any time–not at a set meeting time. Every “class” takes days to organize at this point, but I’m sure I’ll get more efficient at this process.

These days are all about designing these classes now, as things begin August 10 and that’s looming large. Writing has been back-burnered at this moment, which is frustrating. I’ve three projects I’m chomping to get into, but when August 10 arrives, I’ve got to have things together for these students, and I want that to be a strong experience for them.

Off to it.