Thursday, July 2, 2020

Yesterday’s dive at the quarry was a pleasure for us. A nice hour-long drive there, then a leisurely pair of dives, practicing some skills, just being in the water–all felt great. Pack it all up, then head home. Generally a 4-5 hour day, and a very nice way to spend a date-day for us.

Today, Pattie heading up to Norfolk to spend a day with Christine, and to bring her some moving boxes. She and Stephen are moving to a new pad, so Pattie will spend a day or two visiting.

I returned the tanks, then headed down to Surf City before Joe, Cristin, and Jackson departed for return to NY. Got here about 11:30, finding Jackson enjoying his lunch. Soon we headed down to the beach, where for the first time he really enjoyed being in the water, experiencing the waves and the sand.

And happy to catch a family shot that captures their good time here for the past few weeks.

Miss them already. Hoping against hope that they’re able to soon find a reason to move thisaway.