Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Two highlights from yesterday on the deck in Surf City

Begin to zone out, settled into his happy place

A wonderfully relaxing day here yesterday. Each of these days sends me back 30+ years to a similar routine of getting the baby out of his crib, mellow wake-ups, and ramping up play sessions. Just such a magical way to start the day, and feel so lucky to have these moments again. For sure, Jackson is a happy and easy little guy, just as his dad was; and so lucky that he’s healthy, happy, and has a great disposition. He eats and sleeps well, has great energy and curiosity, and gets wonderful attention and love from his parents (and grandparents). The definition of privilege, and so nice to see him thrive. I wish every child, parent and grandparent had this.

Now to get Joe, Cristin moved closer to NC…

The day pre-Jackson began with some good writing, and I’ll get in an hour or so now before he awakes. Am now bringing Jason’s diversion to a close, spending time with polishing/tweaking, etc., as this little piece comes to its end. I’m looking forward to sending this off to Jason, and getting started on the piece for Rachel and Ari (Duo Cortona)!