Thursday, June 18, 2020

A morning in Surf City

Up too early this morning, but getting some work done in the hours pre-dawn is always peaceful and relaxing. A little writing, then when dawn broke got to a few outside plumbing matters, and was delighted to see the sights above as the job finished.

Joe, Cristin, and Jackson will arrive very late tonight (more likely early tomorrow a.m.), and I think we’ve got the place ready for them. We’ll clean up the deck today, get cable service turned on, hang a few more pix…all easily accomplished with the full day ahead.

Yesterday’s drive here was surprisingly pleasant. Wanting to stop by a Home Depot in Jacksonville, the GPS led us on a very different, backroad route. Fun, lightly travelled roads which were really nice on the bike (Pattie brought a fully-loaded car). Pattie recalled (with a sly grin) this route, though…when she was a young teen, her (somewhat impaired, unable to drive) brothers would wake her early in the mornings for a road-trip to the beach. Pattie was recruited to drive them, as they were too far gone to drive; since she was too young to drive legally, they’d lead her on these backroads to avoid the attention of any police. Clearly this area in the early 1970s was still a bit sleepy…

on the road to the beach